Mind Body Spirit

Perfect Together

Do it right with products that are created for your mind body and spirit. 

Crystal trees are perfect together when used in conjunction with the aroma from essential oils that are infused into SWEA Tree Skin Care products.

All of the ingredients are 100% plant based, free of chemicals, synthetics, thickeners and other unnatural ingredients.

SWEA Tree Crystal Trees are colorful, vibrant and made with Swarovski Crystals. Allow yourself to focus on a particular color.

Based on your spiritual needs, this color will revitalize your spirit. 

Flex the branches! Allow yourself to embrace and melt into the color!

It's amazing, you will know intuitively which color to select. It's sort of like knowing when your body needs vitamin C or A aka, apples, oranges and bananas. 

Go on, rub some essential cream onto your body and breathe in!!! Feel the relaxing of your mind body and spirit!